🏠 Home is where the harvest is.

Nature's most nourishing foods. Grown on your countertop.

Optimised nutrition


Full flavour

Reliable yields


Optimised nutrition

Full flavour

Zero waste

Reliable yields

Grow year-round

Our mission

We're here to make personalised nutrition home-growable and circular, via a new generation of superfood cultivation devices.

The global superfood industry is wasteful and pollutive. Powders travel halfway across the world and reach us with a fraction of their nutritional potential.

Our vision is to cultivate a decentralised future for nutrition, where people can grow a personalised selection of fresh functional foods at home, facilitating the world's transition towards a regenerative and zero-waste food system which nourishes all life on Earth.

Our team

Product designers, engineers and biologists, building a new generation of grow-at-home products.

Rob Russell


Strategy & operations

Umar Saleem


Mechanical & software engineering

Ed Laney


Product design & commercialisation

Partnered with

Canopi was awarded grant funding from the Sustainable Innovation Fund in 2020, to support the development of Bloom.